1.25-12 Threaded Weld in Bungs Made in USA

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Weld in Threaded Bungs are used when fabricating A-arms and linked suspension. Bungs are measured on the outside diameter for the tubing size and inside threaded hole for a heim or bolt. Bungs are available with a Shoulder, Tapered or Straight.
Part #
Threaded hole
Bung OD
Tubing size
Bung Style
WB1.25X1.50RSH1.2501.501.75X.1201.250-12 RightShouldered
WB1.25X1.50LSH1.250 1.501.75X.1201.250-12 LeftShouldered
Part #Threaded holeBung ODOverall lengthThreadBung Style
1.503.0″1.250-12 RightStraight
1.503.0″1.250-12 LeftStraight
WB1.25X1.75RST1.250 1.754.0″1.250-12 RightStraight
WB1.25X1.75LST1.250 1.754.0″1.250-12 LeftStraight


Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions3 × 2 × 2 in

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