1.5″ Made in USA Stainless Steel High Misalignment’s

$38.40$43.96 ea



High Angle Misalignment Stainless Steel Spacers are a necessary component when using Rod Ends and trying to achieve Extreme Amounts of Travel. Misalignments are measured by the hole size in the Rod Ends or Uniball, Bolt size through the center of the Misalignment and the Height of the Misalignment Spacer. Sold each. 2 are required per Rod End


Part #
Heim joint hole
MA bolt hole
MA Height
Total width
MA1.5X3/4X.8751.5 3/4″.8753.312
MA1.5X3/4X1.0621.5 3/4″1.0623.500
MA1.5X3/4X1.2501.5 3/4″1.250 3.875
MA1.5X3/4X1.3151.5 3/4″1.315 4.000


Additional information

Weight.75 lbs
Dimensions3 × 3 × 3 in